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The Greater Philadelphia Condominium Managers Association (GPCMA) was founded in 1985 by a number of concerned managers of the premier condominium properties in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. This initial group of managers sought judicial relief from the City of Philadelphia policy of denying trash service to condominium homeowners. Largely through GPCMA’s efforts in 2001 and 2002, the City Council unanimously voted to approve municipal trash pickup for condominium and cooperative homeowners. Although the City Administration continues to ignore this trash bill, it was nonetheless a major victory for these homeowners.

Throughout its twenty-seven year history, GPCMA has been a proactive organization of condominium and cooperative property managers, actively sharing information and being an effective voice to better serve its members and their communities. GPCMA members learn about economic, social and political issues that affect their communities, in order to enhance their professional knowledge and contribute to the well-being of the residents they serve. Noteworthy news is immediately distributed to members and shared with residents and owners. The councils and boards of condominium and cooperative communities count on GPCMA to keep them up to date on breaking issues.


The major goals of GPCMA are educational and in the broadest sense, political. GPCMA advances the professional and educational growth of its members through open sharing of information and ideas. This is accomplished through meetings, seminars, field trips and a robust email network. GPCMA also provides a peer network to share solutions to common issues, and monitors and responds to legislative proposals affecting condominium and cooperative homeowners in the Delaware Valley.

A key mission of GPCMA is to continue to educate city officials and agencies about the important role condominium and cooperative homeowners play in the revitalization of Philadelphia and surrounding suburban communities. Condominium residents give far more value back to their city and municipalities than many elected officials realize. Through their significant tax base (more taxes per square foot of land than for a single family home), strict control over property maintenance, and an enormous contribution to commerce, GPCMA’s message is, “condominiums and cooperatives matter”.


Jim Giblin: President Sharon Stein: Secretary
Pam Clifton: Vice President, City Ray Diebel: Treasurer
Kevin McGrath: Vice President, Suburbs Susan Kaneff: Board Member


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